11 podcasts you should be listening to if you're a small business

As small business owners I reckon the hardest thing to find time for (beyond marketing our businesses) is learning. The business world is developing at a rate of knots and we know we need to keep abreast of current trends and thinking in order to keep up. But if you’re anything like me, the only time you have for reading is last thing at night and if you read business related books at night, that’s not really conducive to good sleep.

Enter the podcast. I love podcasts!

Eleven Small Business Podcasts

The great thing about them (over say, video and magazines/blog posts/books) is that you can listen to them while doing something else. Whether it’s running, walking, commuting, washing the dishes … anything that doesn’t require the full attention of your brain means you can be listening to a podcast at the same time.

Speaking of brains, the other thing I love about podcasts is the minds it gives you access to. All of the business podcasts below involve a smart brained person (or people) interviewing another smart brained person and together they deliver ‘Aha’ moment after moment while building your own knowledge and helping you keep abreast of important stuff in both your industry and the business world.

So now that I’ve sold you on the idea of podcasts, which ones should you be listening to? Well, as you can imagine there are hundreds and hundreds of business related podcasts out there. These 11 are the ones I listen to regularly:

1. 6 Figure Side Gig

Now I don’t like to play favourites because there is something awesome about all the podcasts I’m going to mention today (because otherwise I wouldn’t be mentioning them), but we love Mark’s interview style in the 6 Figure Side Gig podcast. He’s a great listener and he’s great at taking what someone has said and summing up their key points in a bite size, easy to process way. He also manages to really get to the heart of people’s stories and figure out what makes them tick and what lies at the heart of their success in business.

2. Youpreneur.FM

This is Chris Ducker’s latest podcast and the thing with Chris is, apart from having a great business brain, he’s very good at delivering bite size takeaways. So you never walk away from a podcast of his without wanting to run for a piece of paper so you can madly scribble down those key takeaways (which is a problem for me because I always listen to podcasts while I am running or driving).

3. The Tradies Business Show

As the name suggests, this show is pitched specifically at tradies, but the truth is, a lot of the thoughts and information that Michaela and Warrick share are applicable to most small businesses. These two have a fantastic rapport so listening to them is like listening to two friends riffing with each other and it’s the perfect podcast for when you’re on the road all day.

4. The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast

Once you start listening to husband and wife team Shane and Jocelyn, you won’t be able to stop. Their gorgeous southern USA accents will have you absolutely hooked. But not just that, these guys are smart and insightful and if you’re trying to take your business online or develop a new online side to your business, these guys are a must listen.

5. Being Boss

As someone who started a creative business … and then totally burnt out trying to run that creative business, I wish this podcast has been around five years ago. In this podcast Emily and Kathleen split their time between ‘talking shop’ about how they manage the various aspects of running their respective creative businesses, and they also interview other smart, interesting people with great thoughts to share around finding that balance between nurturing your creative side while also doing the things needed to do to run a successful, profitable business. Speaking from experience, I think creative brains really struggle with the nitty gritty side of business and also ‘managing it all’ … these are the topics Emily and Kathleen cover really well.

6. Superfast Business

Ant and I met James Schramko at a conference last year and he had us hooked with his pragmatic, no bullshit approach. (You should have seen the grilling he gave us at said conference in one of the mastermind sessions. Impressive.) Anyway, James is one of those very very rare people who has actually set his businesses up to operate largely without him in them, while still making incredibly good money from them. What this means is he’s able to work 4-5 hours a day with a lot of free time to pursue his passion projects and hobbies (mainly surfing). There are plenty of people out there who can tell you how to work harder than everyone else and how to out hustle the competition … But given most of you reading this post are in business for the lifestyle benefits, not for the millions of dollars you can make, James is the guy you want to listen to. He will challenge your assumptions and show you the benefits out outsourcing and systemising what you can in your business.

7. Flying Solo

Speaking of lifestyle, Flying Solo is all about helping lifestyle businesses be just that (businesses that enhance lifestyle rather than impact them). Host Robert Gerrish (also my boss at Flying Solo – hi Robert!) goes out of his way to find interesting people to interview on a really wide range of topics that are specific to people who work for themselves from home.

8. Small Business Big Marketing

Arguably the original and the best small business podcast. I’ve been listening to this one since it started with Tim Reid and Luke Moulton seven years ago. In the earlier episodes where it was Tim and Luke hosting, there was a true focus on small businesses doing big time marketing and reaping the benefits. These days Tim is hosting the podcast solo (sometimes with Andrew Griffiths as a sidekick) and it’s a bit more aspirational in style (more for small businesses who are really wanting to take the step into the big time). But it’s still a great listen and there are always great takeaways. 

9. Business Addicts

Fiona and Lauren are great fun and as the podcast name suggests, they interview people who, like them, are addicted to business. So if you have a strong entrepreneurial mindset, this podcast is for you. The girls ask really insightful question and again, the takeaways you get come at a mile a minute.

10. Your Brilliant Uncareer

This one is from business owner and author Cas McCullough and it’s another great one for women in business, women who have abandoned traditional careers to walk their own paths. Cas knows lots of interesting people and gets them all on her podcast and then grills them with really interesting and insightful questions. Her show notes are also second to none.

11. The School Hour Entrepreneurs Podcast

This is a brand new podcast by journalist Rachael Jansen and I love how she’s focusing on serving those of us who are trying to get all their work done during those awfully short school days! Because she’s a journo she does really awesome research and consequently is able to get right to the heart of people’s stories. And I think it’s in knowing the stories of fellow ‘school hours entrepreneurs’ that we really get to see the potential of what we can achieve in our own ‘school hour work days’.

13 thoughts on “11 podcasts you should be listening to if you're a small business”

  1. I was looking for some podcast recommendations and lo and behold … my wish was granted. This looks like an engaging and inspiring collection. Thanks for taking the time to put together.

  2. Kel … you’re a gem. Firstly, well done on publishing an article all about podcasting. It’s such an insanely amazing medium, the more peeps that know about it the better.

    And a big hug for including my show in your list.

    I will now spend the weekend figuring out how to get to number one ;0)

    Love your work …. Timbooooxxx

    1. Aha! Oh they’re not in a specific order! I think they’re in the order they appear in my iTunes!

      But yes, work harder Timbo! (Is it really 7 years I have been listening to you?!)

  3. Here’s me lying in bed mid afternoon too unwell to do anything more than lift up my phone and a friend alerts me to this collection you put together … thank you for making it easy for us to pick what to listen to AND for including me in such an illustrious line up 🙂

    1. Aw such a pleasure my friend. And do you know, I asked Robert to nominate two podcasts from this year to share over the Christmas break as a ‘past fave’ … and yours was one of the two he nominated.

      I hope you feel better soon M xx

  4. Great list Kelly. Podcasting is such a cool medium and a great way for business owners to learn while working – or getting their #BusinessAddicts on as the case may be lol.

    We still get great feedback about your episode. Thanks for including us on this awesome list x

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