3 ways your business blog could be working harder for you


Whenever we tell clients about the SEO benefits our blog has had for our website, they get super-excited. And they’re keen to get a bit of that SEO love for their own websites too. And I totally get that. The business world is, after all, powered by Google. But if you choose to have a blog on your business website and you’re only leveraging it from an SEO point of view you’re seriously missing out. There are so many other ways a blog can be of huge benefit to your business. Here are three of them:

1. It gives your business a personality and voice

Let’s say you’re a financial planner or an accountant. Chances are, you’re highly professional, know your stuff and would do a great job for anyone needing your services. The only problem is … the websites of ALL financial planners and accountants show that they’re highly professional and know their stuff. So why would someone choose you over your competitors?

Well if you have a blog, and it’s written in a clear ‘voice’ (ie your own) this will help people decide if you’re the kind of  person they’d like to work with. People like to do business with people and a well-written blog shows both the people and the personality behind the business.

2. It shows you can communicate at your clients’ level

There’s this thing called ‘the curse of knowledge’. It refers to the fact that the more you know about a subject, the harder it is to communicate your knowledge to someone who knows nothing about that topic. Now, this is something many, many professionals suffer from. If you’ve ever had a chat with a mechanic or a doctor (or whoever) and had everything they’ve said go over your head, then you know it’s not a nice feeling to be on the receiving end of. What if you could demonstrate your ability to explain difficult concepts in layman’s terms? Imagine how attractive that would make you to prospective clients. The great news is … your business blog is a brilliant tool for doing this!

Recently the Australian Federal Government handed down a bunch of small business tax concessions in their 2015 budget. Everywhere I looked there were small business owners asking “but what does this mean for me?”. Campbell King was able to break it all down in a very easy-to-process way on his blog and in doing so, demonstrate a unique ability to communicate at his clients’ level of understanding.

3. It allows you to position yourself as an expert

Want to write a book? Get invited to speak at conferences? Provide expert commentary in news articles? Your business blog is brilliant opportunity to demonstrate your specific industry expertise. Use it to share thoughts about new and noteworthy things in your industry. Use it to provide general thought leadership. Use it to audition for the wider exposure mentioned above.

Dan Norris has used blogging quite extensively to provide thought leadership in the area of content marketing and is fast becoming recognised as a worldwide expert on the topic. He is often quoted in articles about content marketing and is currently being asked to speak at conferences all over the world on the topic. Oh and he’s also writing a book about it.

Ok, I’m convinced … but how do I do the above?

I see a lot of business blogs out there delivering dry, SEO-friendly but not people-friendly information. There’s an art to nailing the three points above and it starts with ensuring you’re writing in a natural voice. How do you do this? Stay tuned, I’ll be talking about that next week!    

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  1. 3 very solid reasons why I need to get my blog sorted out, like now! Drowning in CSS when really I should stop being a perfectionist and just write the damn posts 😉

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