4 reasons search engines love your business blog

Did you know that adding a blog to your website can really help improve your rankings in the search engines? Why do search engines love blogs so much? Good question. There are actually several reasons:

Friendly Structure1. Friendly Structure

Blogs are by design “search engine friendly”. Search engines send out “spiders” that “crawl” the Internet. They index the text on each website they visit.

A site’s HTML code and design determine how easy it is for all pages to be indexed by these spiders. Blogs, especially WordPress blogs, have a design that is very easy for the spiders to navigate.

2. Keyword Richness

Blogs make it easy to put keywords in all the right places. They automatically take your article title and add it to your Page Title tag and your page URL. These are two areas of your page that the search engines give a lot of weight to.

The nature of blogs also encourages short, focused articles that tend to naturally repeat keywords multiple times – look at how many times this article uses “blogs” and “search engines”.

3. Fresh Content

Search engines give more weight to websites that generate a steady flow of new content. As your site ages, it is seen as less relevant and the search engine spiders will visit your site less and less. Blogs are an easy way to keep your site current. A blog’s casual nature means it can cover a wide range of topics, making it easy to come up fresh content.

In addition, blog software is so easy to use that any company employee can post new content with very little training. Gone are the days when a webmaster was needed for every little change.

4. Lots of Links

The search engines look at the amount of incoming and outgoing links when ranking a page (more links are generally better). Lots of incoming links are particularly valuable because it means many other websites find your content relevant.

Blogs posts tend to be highly focused and useful and therefore have a high tendency to be linked to – much more so than the “marketing speak” that make up the bulk of most conventional websites. Blog software also makes it easy for you to interlink your posts, as well, so there are many connections leading between posts and your company home page.

All these links have a positive impact on your SEO efforts.

So, what’s our main point?

Make sure your company website has a blog – ideally, a WordPress blog – that shares your company’s website domain. And then make sure someone is responsible for adding regular content – even once a month is better than never! It’s a cheap and very effective addition to your marketing arsenal.

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