It’s a weird thing to love, but ... we LOVE annual report design.

Why? Because we love the challenge of taking what is usually a SUPER dry document, and using great design to make the content more appealing and easier to process.

How do we do this? By implementing the five ingredients of an annual report design that rocks (scroll down to find out more!).


The five ingredients of an annual report design that ROCKS!

What is whitespace? No, it’s not just the white bits on a page. It’s the space between all the elements on a page.

  • Between a photo and its caption.
  • Between a heading and the edge of a page.
  • Between a heading and the first line of text.

You get the picture.

When whitespace is deployed effectively it:

  • Lets all elements on a page breathe.
  • Reduces tension between elements.
  • Allows the most important things come to the fore.
  • Enhances the balance and harmony of the design.

If you give your designer license to use as many pages as they like in pursuit of a beautiful design, they can leverage white space to great effect.

Annual reports tend to be very text heavy documents so anything that breaks up the text is a gift. Imagery is great but quite often client-provided imagery is pretty average and frankly, we’d rather use no images than average images. When there is beautiful imagery available, however, it really makes a huge difference to the design.

Annual reports are also generally very data heavy, and when people see numbers, they tend to skim over them. Which is a shame – after all, someone spent a lot of time and effort compiling that data! Creating bespoke graphs and presenting figures in a visually appealing way ensures that hard work does not go unrewarded!

In every annual report there are wins to be celebrated. Don’t bury those deep in a slab of text, bring them up to the surface using highlight boxes and loooooots of whitespace.

Resist the temptation to copy what someone else has done. If your designer knows what they’re doing, they’ll be able to deliver you something that looks as good as the next guy’s annual report design, while supporting and enhancing your organisation’s brand.


How we price our annual report design

Applies to text-heavy annual reports, where all pages use roughly the same base design.

How we price

Base price: $660
Then: $65 per page


Reports where each spread is individually designed to best display the content (like a magazine).

How we price

Base price: $660
Then: $100 per page


Are we the right company to design your annual report?

The answer is a definitive 'YES' if:

Have tried to do your own annual report design in the past and understand the time and money savings that come from working with professionals.

Enjoy working with people who are super-responsive, deliver on their promises and, most importantly, never go missing.

Want your stunningly readable annual report design done right the first time, with minimum fuss, and maximum quality.


What our clients are saying

"Swish made the 2017-18 Annual Report production process seamless. Working with a Government agency, which has legislated timelines, can make the coordination and production of the Annual Report very tricky. From design to final production Swish listened, understood our brief and also added value."
~ Charmaine Coe, Department of Treasury

"Just wanted to let you know that on Friday, the Main Roads 2014 Annual Report received a ‘Gold Lonnie Award’ at the IPAA WA Annual Reporting Awards luncheon. We took out the top award in the Agencies with more than 1000 FTEs. Can you please pass on our thanks to everyone from Swish for your help and support during the development of the report."
~ Alan Colegate, Main Roads WA

A small selection of our annual report design work


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