Branding Strategy, Logo and Graphic Design

The average person receives over 1000 brand exposures every day. Yes! Every. Day. If your brand is going to be competing with thousands of others, how on earth are you going to stand out?

Well, while every business is creating content and messaging at a mile a minute, relatively few are investing in beautiful design that tells a story. (Humans process visual stories more quickly than any other form of information.)

Happily, this is where we excel.

Yes, our branding design is beautiful. Yes, we ensure consistency of design across all collateral. But we also mandate that every piece we design for our clients contributes to the story they’re trying to tell about their brand too. Scroll through the portfolio items below to see how we do this.

Brand Creation and Identity

As a rule, branding is a poorly understood term. Not for us, however. We know branding is more than just your logo - it's the way both you and all your supporting collateral makes people feel. We'd love to chat more with you about ensuring your branding makes people feel the way you want them to. Have a look at some of our work below ... then request a call!

Graphic Design Examples

It doesn't matter if you've asked us to design a flyer, business card or newspaper ad, we understand every piece of brand collateral we create for you is part of a wider brand story. We also know each piece has a specific part to play in your organisation's operations. This is why we work hard to ensure there is consistency and coherency being communicated by every single piece of design we produce for you.

Annual Reports

Annual reports can be dry old things. But, as you'll see from the below, they don't have to be. If you'd love an annual report design that people actually want to read, we'd love to chat with you more!


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