What’s the difference between a cheap logo and a professional logo design?

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Given there are websites/services out there that can design you a logo for $100, the question has to be asked:

Why would you ever pay upwards of $1000 to get a logo designed?

The answer?

Because you want your graphic designer/logo designer to put some actual thought into what they’re doing.

When you’re getting a logo on Fiverr or using design competition websites, you submit a brief, and the designer executes on the brief. That’s it.

What this means is:

  • The logo you get will be a literal execution of the brief you give. (If you say you want a hammer symbol next to the words ‘Handy Andy’, you will get a clipart hammer plonked next to the words ‘Handy Andy’ in a selection of fonts and colours.)
  • The logo will look cheap (people can spot a design competition logo a mile away).
  • The logo will not be an accurate representation of how you want people to feel about your business. (Unless the feel you are looking for is ‘cheap and generic’.)

When a professional graphic designer creates a logo for you, there’s a significant discovery and consultation process involved. Before they even start designing they will spend a couple of hours:

  • Going through your brief.
  • Identifying where there are holes or confusion in the brief.
  • Asking the appropriate questions to fill those holes.
  • Getting a deep understanding of both your target market and the way you want those people to feel about you when they see your logo.
  • Getting an understanding of who your competitors are and how they’ve positioned themselves.

Once they start designing, you’re getting more than someone who simply executes instructions, you’re getting someone who thinks:

  • Hmm, the d and y in Handy and Andy need to be a bit closer otherwise this logo is lacking cohesion.
  • The size of the symbol vs the text is a bit off, I need to fix that.
  • This font treatment just isn’t right. I need to explore more options.
  • This logo is going on the side of a van and on some fridge magnets. I need to make sure it looks great at both sizes.

An experienced graphic designer never stops thinking during the design process. They’re constantly asking themselves questions and bringing everything they’ve learned over their years as a designer to the logo design they’re doing for you. When they present you with their logo concepts, and you ask them, ‘Why did you use this font?’ or ‘Why did you put that line there?’ they’ll be able to give you a reason beyond ‘I thought it looked good’.

What if you don’t have $1000+ to spend on a logo right now? Should you start with a $100 logo?

No. Your business name written in an appropriate font will do a better job than a crappy, generic $100 logo. Not convinced?

Consider the below and ask yourself, who are you more likely to hire?

1 thought on “What’s the difference between a cheap logo and a professional logo design?”

  1. To be honest, if the font in the second picture is placed alongside the first I’ll hire the first one.

    However, I can only speak for myself.

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