Create some BUZZ about your business – Step 3

We’re into our final post of three about creating buzz around your business by generating some PR.

Last week we had a look at:

  1. Identifying what was PR worthy about your business
  2. Writing a press release

Now we need to get your story into the hands of the right person.

Unfortunately this isn’t an easy or quick undertaking. But it will be worth the effort.

First, you need to identify appropriate media outlets for your release – is your story better pitched to your local Community News or the daily news in your state?

Second, you need to identity the appropriate person within that organisation to pitch your story to. It’s unlikely to be the editor, it is more likely to be a staff or features writer. It’s usually a good idea to read the publication you are pitching to on a regular basis and make note of the people who are writing stories similar to the one you will be pitching. These are the people you want to talk to.

Third, you need to make contact with this person. An email is a good way to approach them. Don’t just attach your press release to your email and hit “send”. Compose a personal email detailing why you think your story might be of interest to the journalist and their readers. Mention you have attached your press release for more information.

Fourth, you will probably need to follow up with a phone call. Don’t harass the journalist, just give them a call, ask if they had a chance to read your email and ask them if you can give them any more information.

Now repeat the process for as many publications as you think appropriate for the story you are pitching, but always, ALWAYS personalise your approach to them.


  1. has up to date media lists for purchase. These lists will save you a lot of time trying to find the appropriate contact for a publication
  2. This is a website where journalists post “call-outs” looking for specific people in specific industries to interview or provide comment. It is free to register and you will receive a twice daily email with call-outs related to the categories you nominate. This is a great way to “get found” and become known as an expert on a niche topic or in your industry. Once a journalist uses you as their source or ‘expert’ for a certain topic, they will probably continue to use you.

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