Digital Marketing

With a beautiful website, your businesses brand and image is on display in the best possible way to the world. But unless you can get the attention of your ideal customers and get them over to your website, how do you know your ROI? How do you keep up with all the changes and new ways of reaching your customers?

1. Digital Marketing Strategy

Should I be on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram…? Do I need to do SEO, SEM, FB Ads? Whether you’re new to all this online stuff or not, it can all be very overwhelming. We will work with you and what your primary business goals are to come up with a targeted and action oriented Digital Marketing Strategy that defines a clear roadmap and return on investment.

2. Customer Avatar and Profiling

We gather information from you (via our briefing form and in-person meetings) about who your current and or ideal clients and customers are, what they’re about, and where they “hang out”. We’ll also gather insights into your current customer data and perform an analysis of your competitions data to ensure your marketing efforts are laser focused and you’re not wasting time or money.

3. Social Media Marketing

Your customers are increasingly moving online, onto mobile, and it’s getting harder to reach them with your products and services. With our Digital Marketing Strategy in place, determining the best social media marketing outlets and approach will ensure you are reaching the right customers, in the right place, at the right time.

4. Paid Advertising and Acquisition

With the noise and competition online increasing at a rapid pace, advertising to reach your customers is a way to better your competition and in some markets, mandatory to survive. If you are a new business, paid acquisition can be an amazingly successful way to scale your business fast. We’ll define an SEM and Paid Traffic and Retargeting Strategy to provide you with perpetual leads and sales into your business using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and more.

5. Content Marketing and Copywriting

Creating ongoing, targeted, and consistent content is the best way to grow a sustainable and long term business online. But it’s hard! We take all the heavy lifting out of this for you by writing your content and “splintering” this content across each of the online channels to ensure your brand is reaching as many possible customers wherever they are.

6. Market and Competitor Research

With an amazing amount of data available online, it’s possible to really dive deep into your market and competitors to find out where they are getting their customers and what you can do to get in front of them instead. We use powerful tools and insights to analyse this data add dynamically to your Digital Marketing Strategy.

7. Detailed Tracking and ROI Reporting

What gets measured, gets managed and when it comes to the overwhelming amounts of datapoints and channels available online, it’s important to know what to look for, where, and how to interpret it all. We provide regular reports without all the techno jargon, just simple business metrics that show how well your digital marketing efforts are doing and what areas we can focus on to improve.