DIY SEO for Small Business – Optimising Your META Keywords, Image ALT and H1 Tags

SEO Optimising Meta Tags

In this instalment in our series on DIY SEO for Small Business we’ll look at three more places you can include keywords on your page: the META keyword, Image ALT and H1 tags. These tags are found in the source code of your page, and only the text of the H1 tag is seen by visitors.

  • META Keywords Tag – The META keywords tag is simply a list of keywords. This is not considered a big factor in search engine optimization any longer, but it is still considered good practice to include it. You simply want to list the keywords you have selected for that particular page, separated by commas. Unlike with the page title and description, it is OK to have the same keyword tag on multiple pages – it does not need to be unique.
  • Image ALT Tag – The latest data indicates, somewhat surprisingly, that what you label your images or graphics on a page does matter to search engines. For this reason, it is recommended to have at least one image on every page. Whenever you (or your webmaster) uploads an image to your website, be sure to include the page’s most important keyword in the “ALT” tag.
  • H1 Tag – The “H1” tag stands for “Heading 1”. The H1 text is visible to the public and should be placed at the top of the main content on your page. The amount of weight the search engines give this tag is controversial – the latest evidence seems to indicate it is not terribly important. However, it is still considered good practice to include a well-worded Heading at the top of the page and to include your target keywords when it is natural to do so. Only include one H1 tag on each page – subheadings should be given H2 or H3 tags.

Stay-tuned for our next instalment which will cover how to optimise the main body text of your page. In the meantime, if you missed the beginning of our series, head over to “What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

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