Do your friends and family know what you do?

Stop for one second and think of one person. Your best friend, or favourite uncle or even your brother or sister. Do you know what they do every day when they go to work? They might have fancy titles like “Chief Financial Officer” or “Executive Assistant” … but I’ll bet you have no idea what they do!

When you own a small business, you might think it is a bit more clear cut. If Johnny has a Jim’s Mowing franchise, you might think you’re pretty full bottle on what he does. Karen is an accountant … well we all know what accountants do… right?

CardIf you asked my friends what I did every day, they’d probably say “she’s a graphic designer” or “she does website design”. Yet these are the same people who will give me a call and ask if we do business cards … or posters … or annual reports… or email newsletters. I am always amazed that people don’t immediately just know all the different things I can do. But I shouldn’t be.

Because I am the same person who thinks that Johnny just mows lawns. And that Karen spends all year doing people’s tax returns. But these two people do much more than that. Johnny can also clear you gutters, prune your roses and blaze a fire break for you. Karen can figure out if that real estate investment is in your best fiscal interests or help you set up your family trust.

So, do your friends and family really know what you do? These are people know you well, know your character and (hopefully) like you. They would undoubtedly be keen to recommend your services to those who need them – they just need to have a very clear ideas of all the services you offer.


Get out there and make sure people know what you do. Tell them about recent projects you’ve worked on, or problems you have solved for clients. You could even send a “did you know” email newsletter or postcard. Your personal network should be your #1 saleforce, but you need to empower them first.

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