Does my business really need a Facebook page?


Whenever anyone asks me this question, the sub-text to it is “please tell me I don’t need a Facebook page for my business. I don’t have time to manage a Facebook page for my business.”

And the truth is, if you’re not on Facebook and comfortable with Facebook, then it’s highly likely that you will find it too onerous trying to get your head around a Facebook page for your business.

But … (And these are some big “buts” …)

1. It’s highly likely the people you want to reach/connect with are on Facebook

13,200,000 people in Australia are on Facebook – that’s out of a total population of 22,800,000. And unlike many of the other social platforms, you will find every adult demographic represented on Facebook: men AND women, teenagers, university students, young professionals, old professionals, stay-at-home-parents, working parents, and even grandparents. So the fact is – no matter what your target market is, they’re on Facebook.

2. People are on Facebook every day

One of the major ‘rules’ of connecting with potential clients/followers is to ‘go hang out where they are’. We’ve already established your target market is most likely on Facebook. Now how’s this for a stat: Australian Facebook users spend an average of 7 hours a week on the site and 45% of all Australian Facebook users access the site every day.

Yes. Every. Single. Day.

So not only does Facebook offer you the ability to hang out where your target market is hanging out, it offers you the ability to do it Every Single Day. Show me one other marketing channel that offers this.

3. Facebook offers many different ways to interact with people

Every target market likes information presented to them in a different way. For example: entrepreneurs love articles and video, teenagers love videos and images, parents love articles and images. Where other platforms specialise in one type of media (ie Instagram = images, Twitter = conversations and link sharing, You Tube = video), Facebook delivers ALL of these really well. So no matter who your target audience is, you’ll be able to connect with them in a meaningful and useful way there.

So while I totally get that most small business owners don’t have time to create a community on Facebook and manage a page, it’s actually easier and less time consuming to do so than you think. And the rewards when you get it right … they are manifest.

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