Create some BUZZ about your business – Step 1

PR: “Communication by a person or an organisation with the purpose of creating a favourable public image; commonly referred to as PR.” Or to simplify it right down, it means “getting a story done on your business in a newspaper, on TV or on radio.”

It is marketing gold for any business, but especially for small business. The smallest bit of PR for your small business can translate to amazing exposure and subsequent enquiries.

I have personally witnessed a great example of how one piece of PR had a massive effect.

Many, many years ago Triathlon WA was running a Women’s Only triathlon course and was struggling for numbers. Whether by design or by luck, Perth newspaper the Sunday Times ran a page three story about a local perthonality who was signed up to do the course. There was not a phone number or web address in sight on the article, but the next day enough women rang the Triathlon WA office to sell the course out many times over.

So what can you do to generate some PR for your business? Well first you have to work out an interesting angle. Just by being a small business, that’s an interesting angle. Local newspapers love small businesses.

But you need to take it one step further. Are you a lawyer who does pro bono work at the local St Vinnies? Or a work-at-home-mum who started a brand new business after having a baby? Are you a dentist that dresses up like a clown when kids come in to the surgery?


  • What is unique about your business?
  • What do you do that no one else in your niche does?
  • What’s the backstory of your business (how it got started) … is it interesting?

Have a good think about something interesting about your business that you can build a good news story around. Then stay tuned because on Thursday we’ll tell you what to do with that story!


  • Want to hear how one guy took his business from zero to hero off the back of a merciless PR campaign? Listen to this podcast from Small Business Big Marketing

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