So WHY does Google love a good business blog?


If you read this post you should be pretty convinced by now that having a blog on your business website is a good idea, particularly when it comes to the SEO benefits it brings to your website.

But why exactly DOES Google love your business blog?

1. Google loves websites that update frequently

Most business websites have little reason to update their content. Generally speaking the information on their site stays valid for months on end. The problem with this is, if your content is never being added to or refreshed, Google has no reason to come and index your site. And if Google is not coming to your site, it means they don’t think it is very important. If Google doesn’t think your site is very important, it’s not going to rank it highly in search results.

Imagine now that you are blogging once a week. That’s 52 opportunities for you to give Google a tap on the shoulder and remind them you exist each year.

2. Google loves websites that are useful

If you are doing business blogging the right way, then you know that your blog posts should be all about the reader. Your blogs post should solve a problem for them or answer a burning question that they have. If you are doing this well, you are being very useful to people. Google loves websites that are useful and answer the questions searchers are looking for because they allow Google to do their job well.

3. When you blog, there is no need to keyword stuff

In the old days, lots of people stuffed keywords into the text of their websites in order to rank well for certain search terms. This worked for a while (and still works to a degree) but those pages are horrible to read because they are written for search engines and not for people.

When you write a blog post well it is engaging, friendly and conversational in tone. It reads the way someone would speak. And best of all, you don’t need to stuff keywords in there – if you are blogging about a certain topic, keywords people are searching will naturally appear in your text. Google really loves this.

4. Google loves fresh, original content

Google is desperate to deliver the most up-to-date and most original information related to any given topic. If you are blogging about industry related topics, and you are blogging your thoughts on that topic in your unique ‘voice’, then the content you are producing is fresh and original. Another big tick for you!

So with all the above in mind, don’t make this mistake

The one mistake I see business owners make over and over again on their blog is writing all about themselves. They announce projects they’ve worked on, awards they have won and things their staff members are doing. And you know what, this is interesting, but only to a very tiny percentage of people. And it is certainly not at all interesting to Google (ie no one is typing in ‘What award did Swish Design win in 2012’ as a search).

Your business blog is first and foremost about the reader. Every single blog post you write should have something in it for them be it information, entertainment, learning etc. Sure you can use your blog to beat your chest, but this should be the exception and not the rule 🙂


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