Grow your connections – get LinkedIn

“Oh no – not another social network – I don’t have the time!!” Yes, I know I know. But remember – we’re tackling this whole “marketing” thing one small thing at a time. So your job today is really simple. Get yourself on LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn? In a nutshell, it is social networking for professionals. As a general rule, when someone does a web search on your name, your LinkedIn account is one of, if not THE first thing that comes up in the search. Imagine that. A search engine result that you have total control over. Your LinkedIn profile is an online business card giving people a snapshot of your professional history. A snapshot that has been created by you, so it tells people all the things YOU want them to know about you. I think that’s pretty cool.


This should take all of 15 minutes – go to and go to Join Today. At the very least, fill in the mandatory items for your profile. 

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