So you want to be on the first page of Google

First page of Google

Whenever we design and build a new website for a client, the question that always pops up at some stage is this: “How do I get my website on the first page of Google?”

The truthful answer, but one that no one wants to hear (or say!) is this:

“With difficulty.”

That’s because Google has one main mission with their search results: deliver the best and most relevant answer for any search query. These are the results that typically appear on page one.

It takes time for a brand new website to prove to Google that the information it contains is the very best and most relevant for any given search query. Brand new websites are competing with long-established websites for the chance to be on that coveted first page.

So if the keywords you’re trying to rank for are relatively uncompetitive (say: knitting supplies ballajura), your site can get a good ranking relatively quickly (within 3-6 months) by:

  • Ensuring your site is set up well (structurally) for good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices.
  • Ensuring there is a page on your site specific to that search term, and that the url, page title, content and description have all been optimised for that search term.
  • Updating your website frequently with really excellent information that would interest avid knitters in Ballajura (via, say, a blog).

If the keywords you’re trying to rank for are more competitive (say: plumber perth), then it takes all of the above plus a lot more time, money and effort.

So maybe you need to ask a different question

There’s pretty much one reason people want to be ranked on the first page of Google, and that is to get more traffic (which presumably results in more enquiries).

So the question you should really be asking is: “How do I drive traffic to my brand new website”.

And happily, the answer to that is:

“It’s easy.”

There are a few ways to do it and everyone will have their preferred method but our preferred method is to create a lead magnet (really useful free resource that will be of interest to the people you’re trying to attract) and then use Facebook ads to capture the interest of those people … and send them to your website to get the free resource.

This method requires a relatively small investment (compared to what you would spend on SEO or traditional advertising):

  • UP FRONT: $750-1500 to consult with someone about the best lead magnet for your business + get them to create that lead magnet for you
  • ONGOING: $200-500 a month in Facebook advertising

Once this is set up, you can then take the long view towards getting on the first page of Google via content marketing. Taking the long view has two distinct benefits:

  1. It’s cheaper.
  2. It means that you will never be adversely affected by Google’s algorithm changes as you will have built your Google ranking in an organic, ‘white-hat’ fashion.

If you’re not too sure what content marketing it I break it all down here.

And in coming weeks I will be sharing the exact content marketing strategy we have used over the years here on the blog. So maybe subscribe below to ensure you don’t miss anything 🙂

2 thoughts on “So you want to be on the first page of Google”

  1. Great article Kelly. This is definitely the most cost effective way for someone to start attracting quality traffic. I love this approach because it also means they aren’t tempted to do silly things and improve their SEO ranking unnaturally.

    Can you guys help someone create their leadmagnet? A lot of business owners I work with often can’t do it themselves. Where can they get help? Thanks

    1. Hey Gary we can! I am actually launching that exact service to our list this week (because we have found the same – for all that everyone knows they need one – they can’t find their way to creating an effective one)

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