Just because you’ve built it does not mean they will come


It is pretty well accepted these days that every single business needs a website with the main reason being that your customers/clients expect you to have one. That means for website designers like us, business is pretty good and on average we are launching four new websites a month right now. What it also means is that we are starting to hear this question quite a bit:

“Thanks for this great website you’ve built me, but how come no one is visiting it?”

Well there is long and a short answer for this! The short answer is – building a website is simply not enough, you also have to actively drive traffic to it. The long answer is of course all about the ‘how’.

How do I drive traffic to my website? How do I then turn that traffic into sales?

There are many many things you can do to drive traffic to a website:

  1. Tell every person you know that you have a website and ask them to go check it out
  2. Submit your website to various online directories
  3. Put your web address on every piece of business marketing collateral you create
  4. Have a facebook page and direct traffic from there
  5. Perform Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on your site
  6. Use Google Adwords
  7. Share useful information via a blog (also good for SEO)
  8. Create shareable content
  9. Give away free information in the form of e-books or seminars
  10. Get mentioned in the press

As you can see, there is a lot you could and should be doing to bring visitors to your site. And if you’re not getting any visitors, perhaps now you can see why! Naturally, the list above raises a lot of ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions! That’s what I have decided to take you on a little ride with me. You see, just like the painter whose house is not painted, I have a business website that is suffering from some serious neglect. It is for a side business of mine called The Smile Collective and while there is a nice looking website, I have done very little to promote the business and drive traffic to them. I have done even less to actively convert visitors into sales of Smile Collective products! That’s why over the next three or so months I will blog once a week about the things I do to improve both sites and generate traffic to them. I think it will be a pretty interesting and educational journey so if you don’t want to miss a thing, follow along on facebook here and subscribe to the blog posts here. Hopefully by the time we are done all our websites and online shops will have a line out the door just like the one in the picture above!

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10 thoughts on “Just because you’ve built it does not mean they will come”

  1. Hi Kelly, I’ll follow your journey. I would also like to add blogging to your list as an 11th item. As you know, it is one thing to attract visitors, but quite another to keep them coming back for more! Blogging does this exceedingly well. As does content updates, I suppose 🙂 Good luck!

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