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Hopefully I don’t need to convince you that blogging for your business is a worthwhile thing to do. Hopefully you’re already sold on that idea! If you are, I know what your next question is. “That’s nice, but where do I find the time to write these blog posts?” And I get that this is a considerable barrier that needs to be overcome, especially if you don’t consider yourself to be a particularly good writer. So what I’m hopefully going to show you today is that you, yes YOU, can write great blog posts for your business. And you can write them quickly. Let’s do this.

Step 0

Quickly make a list of the five biggest problems your clients have. (I’m calling this ‘Step 0’ because this is advance prep work you can use for several future blog posts.) That said, if you’re in tune with your client base, this list should come to you pretty easily! Now, pick one of those problems – you’re about to make yourself very useful to your clients!

Step 1

It’s highly likely the problem you chose in Step 0 is very broad. In order to write a blog post quickly and easily, we’ll need to zoom in a bit. And a good way to ‘zoom in’ is to ask yourself ‘what’s a question I get asked all the time by my clients that is related to that broad category?’ For example, one of the most common problems Swish Design clients have is:

Lack of time to dedicate to marketing and growing their business

 As you can see, that’s a pretty BIG topic! But a question I often get asked that is related to this broad problem is

‘Should my business have a Facebook page?’

So that’s the question I’m going to answer in a blog post. And the first step in writing that blog post is to quickly note down three points that are related to this question. NOTE: I shouldn’t have to look far beyond my brain for an answer to this question because it’s an area I have expertise in (same will apply to anything you are writing about).


  1. Facebook allows businesses to connect directly with the people they want to serve like no other social media site.
  2. 13,200,000 people in Australia are on Facebook – that’s out of a total population of 22,800,000.
  3. Australian Facebook users spend an average of 7 hours a week on the site and 45% of all Australian Facebook users access the site every day.

Step 2

This step? This is the secret to writing a blog post fast.

Don’t edit, just write (free-write if you will).

Pretend someone’s come up to you in the street, asked you a question and you’re giving them the answer. (You can’t edit the words that come out of your mouth so don’t try to edit them as you write – right?) To illustrate how this is done, I’m now going to free-write my blog post based on the points I made yesterday. Here we go:

TITLE OF POST: Should my business have a Facebook page?’

Intro: Whenever anyone asks me this question, the sub-text to it is ‘please tell me I don’t need a Facebook page for my business. I don’t have time to manage a Facebook page for my business.’ And truly, if you’re not on Facebook and comfortable with Facebook, then it’s likely your business shouldn’t have a Facebook page. But maybe the following will change your mind.

1. It’s highly likely the people you want to reach/connect with are on Facebook 13,200,000 people in Australia are on Facebook – that’s out of a total population of 22,800,000. Facebook is also fairly unique in that people from every adult demographic are represented there – men AND women from teenagers to university students to our parents and our grandparents. So the fact is – no matter what your target market is, they’re highly likely to be on Facebook

2. People are on Facebook every day One of the major ‘rules’ of connecting with potential clients/followers is ‘go hangout where they are’. Australian Facebook users spend an average of 7 hours a week on the site and 45% of all Australian Facebook users access the site every day. Yes. Every. Single. Day Facebook offers a very easy avenue towards being able to hang out where ‘your people’ are.

3. Facebook offers many different ways to interact with people Whether your business is highly visual, or intellectual, or entertainment based or … whatever, Facebook offers you a variety of ways to connect with people. Most importantly, Facebook allows you to have conversations with people and to be genuinely useful to people. No other social network offers this flexibility currently.

Conclusion: I totally get that most small business owners don’t have time to create a community on Facebook and manage a page. But it’s actually easier and less time consuming to do so than you think … and the rewards are manifest.

Step 3

Now you might read the above and think ‘hey, good enough.’ And you know what? It’s ok. But if you allow your blog post to just sit for a day, when you come back to it you will quickly see what bits could be fleshed out, which could be explained more clearly, and, in short, how it could read better. So make sure you edit your post (you can see my final post here.)

And … that’s it!

Using the technique above, you should be able to spend less than an hour per blog post. And given the benefits of blogging to your business, especially the SEO benefits. It’s highly likely that’s an hour very well spent!  

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