How do you know if your idea is too big?


Hands up all the ideas people in the room. *Kelly waves her hand in the air*

Now who has a BIG idea. One that you know is a killer but that’s as far as you’ve gone with it because it’s SO big it overwhelms you just thinking about it. In fact, you’ve probably already filed it in the ‘too big’ folder.

Today I have a simple method for figuring out whether that idea should stay in the ‘too big’ folder or not. I got it from James Altucher and it’s very simple … if you know what the next step is, your idea is not too big at all.

For example – I have an idea for a web app type thingo. There is a real pain point in the circles I run in that I believe this web app thingo could solve. But Holy Cheezus there is a massive gulf between this idea I have and the actual final execution of it. And if I just keep looking all the way forward to the final execution of the idea, this thing will never get off the ground. Because … overwhelming. But what if I know what the next step is? What if I actually know what a LOT of the next steps are?

  • Step 1 is scoping up the website for the app and writing out how I expect everything to work.
  • Step 2 is handing the scope over to my programmer and asking him if he can see any ways it could work better.
  • Step 3 is working out what our initial investment in getting a prototype built will be and whether we have the money to make it happen.
  • Step 4 is getting the prototype built if we do have the money.
  • Step 5 is testing the prototype and ironing out all the bugs.
  • Step 6 is rolling it out to beta testers.
  • Step 7 is fixing all the bugs the beta testers identify.
  • Step 8 is launching it to the world …. Woo!

Yes there are a whole bunch of smaller steps in between the big steps above, but now I have a clear path between the idea side of things … and the execution side. Now my BIG idea seems a lot more manageable.

So now over to you. Do you have a BIG idea? Do you know what the next step is? Then get to it!


4 thoughts on “How do you know if your idea is too big?”

  1. I honestly think we are the same person sometimes….. I have a big idea brewing and was a bit scared to read your article in case you said it was too big. But the good news is my plan is almost identical. My motto – Don’t think…Do!

  2. Jo @ BabbleOn City

    Kelly Kelly Kelly … it’s like you read my mind, tap into all my niggles and then carefully set me on the right path to fix ’em.
    Brilliant … as always.
    Thank you :o)x

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