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I love to learn. I love furthering my knowledge about things that are of interest to me, but I don’t have a lot of free time in the day to devote to learning. I also love to read but the only time of day I get to read is just before bed. And I have learned the hard way that reading a great book on marketing or growing my business (my current interests) just before bedtime is not conducive to a good night’s sleep! So what to do?

I have always been a runner and I discovered podcasts a few years ago while training for the New York marathon. The guys at Competitor Radio do hour long podcasts where they interview endurance athletes over a range of sports – but mostly cycling, running and triathlon. I found it pretty easy to knock off a two hour run by listening to these podcasts. And the podcasts provided a bit of much needed inspiration at the same time. Once I had exhausted their quite extensive back catalogue I started to look for new material and I figured, what a great way to consume “learning” content. So I downloaded Seth Godin’s audio book “Tribes” and I listened to that over the course of two weeks worth of runs. I also found the Freakonomics podcast on iTunes. (I think you need to have read the Freakonomics book first to “get” the podcast) and made my way through those ones too. After my husband bought me the book “Referral Engine” by John Janstch I downloaded and listened to many of his podcasts. And they were pretty good. But by far and away the best marketing podcast for small businesses that I have found is the one by Tim Reid and Luke Moulton from Small Business Big Marketing. Maybe it’s the fact that they have Australian voices. Maybe it’s because they (try to) keep things simple. Or maybe it’s just because they are truly passionate about marketing for small business. Whatever the reason, I have studiously worked my way through all 38 of their 30-40 minute long podcasts by listening to them on my morning runs and rides. I highly recommend listening to them all, and I also recommend starting at #1 and working your way through. If for no other reason than to be able to understand their banter in later episodes! There are no magic bullets in there, but plenty of marketing “gold”. And if you think you don’t have time to listen in – well maybe you should start working some exercise into your day ;o) Or you can listen to them on your daily commute. Find them on iTunes (just search for Small Business Big Marketing).

My favourites?

PS Now that I have exhausted the SBBM podcasts, I need something new to listen to (don’t make me listen to music!). Tell me about your favourite podcasts!

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