Your logo will appear on every single piece of marketing collateral for your business. The importance of getting it right cannot be understated.

Scroll down to find out the logo design priciples we adhere to when creating new brand identities for our clients.


Five steps to the perfect logo design!

Keep it simple

You want people to be able to quickly snapshot your logo in their mind so they can easily recognise it when they see it at a later date. This is important because with recognition comes trust, and trust is vital to all great brands.

Keeping your logo simple helps it be memorable.

Make sure it's meaningful

Consider who your logo needs to appeal to and design it with them in mind. Different styles, symbolism, colours and elements will say different things to different people. Giving careful consideration to who your target market is when designing your logo maximises the chances it will catch their attention.

Make sure it looks good BIG and small

Your logo needs to be 'scalable'. It needs to look great on a billboard and it needs to look great on letterhead. When it's made really tiny and printed on promotional material (say, a pen), it STILL needs to look good.

(And this brings us back to simplicity. If your logo isn't simple, it's probably not going to scale well.)

Make sure it looks good in colour AND mono

Many people seem to like a lot of detail in their logo. They also like funky gradients, drop shadows and other 'cool stuff'. 'Cool stuff' has its place, but not in a logo. Any element that reduces the ability of a logo to look equally as good in one colour as it does in full colour should be discarded.

Make sure it will stand the test of time

Your company logo will naturally evolve over time, it's inevitable. But, if you start with something pretty timeless, the evolution can be fairly organic, won't upset loyal customers too much, or mess with the brand recognition you've worked hard to build over the years.

If you're looking for a timeless example, note how Coca Cola has been able to keep their typography much the same over the years while Pepsi has gone through some significant evolutions!


Our Logo Design Process and Pricing

This price point allows us to do considerable consultation with you about your logo, (who's it for, how do you want them to feel when they see your logo, what kind of brand are you trying to build before we start designing.

We also research your competitors and ensure we have a deep understanding of where you hope to sit in the market.

Once we've taken a complete brief and done all our discovery work, we get sketching. Literally. We hand draw our initial thoughts/concepts to ensure our designs are completely original, and that we're heading in the right direction.

When we've confirmed (with you) that we're heading in the right direction, we digitise your preferred sketch concepts, colourise them... and then apply different font treatments.

We then go back and forth with you until the logo design is complete.

The cost for this is $1200 + GST

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What our clients are saying

"Fantastic, immediate response to my enquiry about a new logo for our Sports Program. Options provided were relevant, simple and well targeted. The response from staff and students about our new logo designed by Swish Design has been overwhelmingly positive. Would definitely be in touch when we need a new design. Thank you, Swish."
~ Gina Grayson, TrueSport

"I love how they integrate different ideas into our branding. Swish Design just know our vision. Really prompt and super easy to work with, it's just awesome they get it!'"
~ Linda Harris, Watertorque

A small selection of our logo and branding design work


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