Perfect is just not practical

Working in the design business, we often come across perfectionists. The ones who tweak and tweak and tweak to infinity and beyond – all in the search of “perfect”.

Designers too tend to show signs of “wanting it to be perfect” when working on a piece, fussing over something that would look heaps better if it was just one more millimetre to the right. Thus it may be ironic that as a designer, I learnt early on in the piece that “perfect is pointless” because one person’s perfect is another person’s “so so”.

doItAnd of course, this affliction is not limited to the design world, it is prevalent everywhere. And I am sure that if you are a small business owner, you have a bit of “Type A” in you that means everything you do needs to be “just right” before you get something “out there”.

But what I have noticed is that:

The search for perfection promotes procrastination!

Yep – your impossible quest invariably leads to you putting things off meaning nothing ever gets finished and nothing gets “done”. And the thing is, the people who you are trying to service or trying to impress, they wouldn’t even notice the “imperfections” in your work.


In the immortal words of Nike – JUST DO IT
Or if you’re a Seth Godin fan – JUST SHIP IT!

In other words – get it good enough and then get it out there. You can always improve on it later, but if you never get it out there, there’s no reason to improve on it.

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