While most website and graphic design projects do need to be quoted individually, we know when you're researching pricing you really just want ball park indications to start with.

So, that's what you'll find below!

For a more precise quote, contact us and tell us more about your website or graphic design project.


Website and Graphic Design Pricing

Website Design Pricing

One-page website designs (like this one) start from as little as $1200.

Full websites start at $7000 and include:

  • Significant consultation about your market, goals and other requirements
  • Professional design from a team with more than 30 years' industry experience combined
  • Development of your website on a platform that is fast, SEO-friendly, and infinitely extensible (WordPress)
  • Provision of an extensive training manual as well as one-on-one instruction in the use of your website's back end.

For clients who want ongoing support and maintenance packages for their websites, we offer three packages via Swish Web Care

Graphic Design Pricing

Our hourly rate for graphic design is $120/hr.

To give clients certainty around the cost of their graphic design jobs, we tend to quote a fixed rate for the following things:

Logo design - $1200 (Click here to download our logo design flyer that explains our process)

Business card design - $240

Letterhead design - $180

With comps slip design - $120

Envelope design - $120

DL flyer, front and back - $360

A4 flyer, front and back - $480

A4 folded to DL brochure - $480

Multipage documents - $240 base fee + $100 per page

A4 or A3 poster design (one side) - $360

Book design (simple typeset up to 50,000 words) - $1200

Book design (colour interior, with multiple illustrations and images) - starts at $3000

Book cover design - starts at $650

Monthly Retainer Graphic Design Pricing

As mentioned, our standard hourly rate for graphic design is $120/hr.

For clients who are on an ongoing monthly retainer graphic design package with us, this hourly rate comes down to around $100/hr.

For more information about our monthly retainer packages, click here.

Logo Design Pricing

There are two ways we design logos:

1. Our preferred way - $1200

This price point allows us to do considerable consultation with you about your logo, (who's it for, how do you want them to feel when they see your logo, what kind of brand are you trying to build before we start designing.

We also research your competitors and ensure we have a deep understanding of where you hope to sit in the market.

Once we've taken a complete brief and done all our discovery work, we get sketching. Literally. We hand draw our initial thoughts/concepts to ensure our designs are completely original, and that we're heading in the right direction.

When we've confirmed (with you) that we're heading in the right direction, we digitise your preferred sketch concepts, colourise them... and then apply different font treatments.

We then go back and forth with you until the logo design is complete.

2. Our non-preferred way - $120/hr

Some people know exactly what they want, and just want us to execute their idea and make it look professional. In this situation we charge our hourly rate of $120/hr. Logos done this way usually take 3-8 hours.

Click here to download the information above in flyer format.

Annual Report Pricing

We do two main types of Annual Report Design:


Text-heavy, where all spreads use the same base design (like a branded report).

Pricing for this kind of annual report is:

Base design: $660
Then: $65 per page


Design-heavy, where each spread is individually designed to best display the content (like a magazine). 

Pricing for this kind of annual report is:

Base design: $660
Then: $100 per page


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