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Scheduling posts has been a feature on Facebook for a while but every so often someone who should know this feature exists will exclaim loudly that ‘they never knew’. So consider this a community service announcement: you do not need to be on Facebook to post something on your business page.  And it’s not just one post that can be scheduled – you can schedule as many posts as you like in advance. In fact I know a lot of people who spend an hour each Monday scheduling all their posts for a week. This is a pretty awesome feature as it allows you to set things to appear when it is the best timing for your followers … independent of when you’re actually able to be on Facebook yourself.

So how do you use this wonderful feature? Well it’s so easy even my dad could do it (if my dad was on Facebook!). Below I will demonstrate how to schedule an image post but of course this also works for links and regular text status updates.

Step 1: Go to your business’ Facebook page

Where it allows you to create a new post, choose the Photo/Video option



Step 2: Choose ‘Upload Photos/Videos’



Step 3: Locate your image and then set the date and time

Once you’ve found the image you want to load into the post and selected it, the clock icon will appear beneath it … click it



Step 4: Choose your time

Clicking the clock icon will bring up a date box and a time box. Select the date and time you want your image post to appear live on your Facebook page … and then click ‘Publish’.


And that’s it. It’s so easy and it takes two seconds. So you can see how it can take someone less than an hour to schedule a whole week’s worth of posts right?  


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