Simple shortcuts to business success #11: Market your business in just 10 minutes a day


You’ve got a list, right? One that contains all the big ideas you have for getting your business out there; spreading the word. Once you get on top of your workload you intend to set aside a whole day to action one of those ideas.

The only problem is – that day never comes. Or, if it does come, it’s only because your phone’s stopped ringing. When work dries up, that’s a very bad time to start marketing your business. That’s why I’m a big fan of the cumulative power of doing something small every day. It’s realistic, it’s ongoing and it builds genuine relationships. (We all know relationships are everything in business and if you only ever from a position of scarcity you’ll exude an air of desperation that makes relationship building very hard.)

So what can you achieve in 10 minutes a day (or less)? Lots.

Here are 25 ideas to get you started:

  1. Email a client you’ve not heard from for a while with an article you think might be of interest to them.
  2. Leave a thoughtful comment on someone’s blog post.
  3. Congratulate a friend on their work anniversary on LinkedIn.
  4. Read an article a friend or colleague has just published on their blog.
  5. Share that article with your social networks.
  6. Leave a thoughtful comment on their blog post – one that adds meaningfully to the conversation (this shows your expertise, your personality, and gives you a nice backlink to your website too).
  7. Introduce two people you think would work well together (with their permission of course).
  8. Join a relevant business group on Facebook or small business discussion forum. (As an example I’m a member of the 7 Day Startup Pro community on Facebook (paid) and the Flying Solo forum community (free).)
  9. Visit those communities at least once a week and leave a considered comment in a discussion you can contribute to meaningfully. (If no such discussions are available, don’t leave a comment for comment’s sake.)
  10. Send a thank you card to someone who’s done something nice for you.
  11. Send a congratulations card to someone who’s achieved something, no matter how small. Receiving nice things in the mail is a real thrill for people these days, and is an easy way to make a good impression.
  12. Email someone who’s had made a positive impact on your life via something they’ve said, written or advice they’ve given … and tell them.
  13. Leave a review for your favourite podcast on iTunes.
  14. Leave a review on Amazon for that great business book you’ve read.
  15. Read up on one of the speakers at the next conference you’re going to.
  16. Look up the contributor guidelines for a business website you could write for.
  17. Pitch a keynote idea to the person who runs the conference you attend every year.
  18. Do a 10-minute brain dump of a business book you could write.
  19. Email a client who loves your work and ask if they’ll write you a testimonial
  20. Make a quick list of the 5 questions clients ask you the most and choose one as the topic for your next blog post.
  21. Check your LinkedIn profile and ensure it’s up to date.
  22. Read through your About page (the second most visited site on your website after your home page) and check that it’s more about the person reading it than it is about you.
  23. Test out the contact form on your website and make sure it’s working.
  24. Sign up for your own email newsletter and see if there is anything that might be jarring for the subscriber in the signup process.
  25. Pretend you’re a client and do a walk-through of your office – see anything that needs tidying or fixing up?

Got any ideas of your own to add to the above? Share them in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Simple shortcuts to business success #11: Market your business in just 10 minutes a day”

  1. Awesome idea’s Kelly! Wow, if I achieve half of these I’ll be supa dupa productive 🙂 Here’s my few minutes for today and leaving a blog comment 🙂 Oh, tomorrow I might leave a book review, ummm I wonder which book for? Productivity or living my Best Year Yet… he he he

  2. Ali Devellerez

    Great article…I’ll add – arrange a coffee with someone you could partner with to broaden your service offering to clients.

  3. I’ll respond by using number 6. Just found you on the Flying Solo micro business business website and have been enjoying your insightful blog posts.
    As another creative owner of a business, I am constantly conjuring up new ways to improve our bottom line.
    Suggesting new ideas for current clients has helped us gain traction in a competitive field. We have recently moved into producing content for augmented reality. Because this is such a new field, many of our clients aren’t aware of the commercial benefits. Educating them (or just bringing them up to date) is a way of offering value, as well as promoting our services for future work.

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