Testimonials aren't corny

I was chatting with a client the other day about the content for his website and he started one sentence with “I know testimonials are corny, but …”

But nothing! Testimonials are not corny! Testimonials are a fantastic way to communicate to prospects how much your existing clients love your work. I know when I am browsing the web looking for a service provider, if I am tossing up between a few companies, it’s the quality of their testimonials that will sway me.

testimonialAnd you don’t necessarily need a page called “testimonials” if it’s the actual word that you find corny. You can call it “What our clients are saying” or you can simply scatter testimonials throughout your site. You can also post case studies where you outline the challenges related to a certain job, the (great) outcome for the client, and then have a few words from the client to finish off.


You can’t post testimonials on your site if you have none in the first place (never write fake testimonials, people can spot them a mile away). Some clients will provide unsolicited positive feedback to you – make sure these get filed somewhere logical in your email inbox (ie create a folder for your testimonials!).

Generally speaking though, people are more likely to tell you when you’ve done something poorly than if you’ve done something well. You need to ASK for positive feedback and you should not be shy about it. On completion of a job, you can either send your client a short survey asking if they were happy with your service, or you can straight out ask them to provide a referral.

Either way, make sure you file these little nuggets of gold somewhere safe and logical for use on your website later.

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