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Last week I had a question on the Swish Design facebook page from Crissy. She was looking for my thoughts on what you should be putting on the ‘About Us’ page on your website. Ask and you shall receive Crissy! Here they are:


First of all, the one thing you need to know about the ‘About Us’ page on your site is that it is the second most visited page after your home page. This is true whether you are selling widgets or whatsits, accounting services or candles. If people are going to this page a lot, that means they are looking for something very specific.

This very specific thing they are looking for is that they want to find out more about YOU. And when I say YOU, I mean the person or people behind the business.

Consider your own behaviour. Your best buying experiences occur when you are interacting with people not a business right?

When you bought a handmade piece from that market stall, you probably had a lovely chat with the person behind the table, found out the story behind the piece or the business, and then walked away with an emotional connection to the item you bought. You didn’t buy that piece from “Jenny’s Pottery Store”, you bought it from Jenny. And that’s what gave you the emotional connection.

Whenever anyone writes a testimonial for Swish Design or sends me some lovely feedback, they don’t say:

“Swish Design was so great, they provided us with fantastic service.”

They mention individual names, or they refer to the Swish Design team:

“I am so pleased with the design Adrian did for our new stationery. It looks amazing and we have already received lots of compliments about our new business cards.”

People like to do business with people

This is a fact.  When someone comes to your ‘About Us’ page, they want to know about the people behind your business. So tell them about the people.

They are also probably tossing up using your services against using that of another company. So tell them why you are different and tell them what problems you solve for people like them.

They want to know what motivates you so tell them what your passions and core philosophies are.

The most important thing that your ‘About Us’ page should do is tell a story. People LOVE stories. They love being able to say “Hey do you know my designer studied art in Paris for a year”.

Or, “How cool is this, my accountant runs at least one marathon a year and last year he did this crazy ultra-marathon in the Sahara!”

Or, “See this couch? The people I bought it off insist on doing all their manufacturing in Australia so they can have greater control over quality and ensure they are being made ethically.”

Time for an audit

So now it’s time to do an audit of your ‘About Us’ page. Ask yourself whether it tells a story and creates an emotional connection between the reader and the people in your business.

And keep an eye out next week because I will be back with a step-by-step break down on how to write an ‘About Us’ page for your business, complete with case study!

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  1. Hi Kelly, I have just stumbled onto your blog by accident. I have just read your one short piece on the importance of telling your story to connect to people. Great advice and I will keep it in mind. It is so true when I think about the reasons I mostly buy things, I have very often connected with the people first. I have just set up my first blog, to chart my journey from utter ignorant novice, to selling my crafts online one day. I have no idea what I’m doing, but have discovered that I love blogging. I am busy loooking for people to learn from though, so thank you for your wise words!

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