Understand your customers

It’s very hard to build any kind of marketing strategy if you do not have a clear idea of who your customers are.

Big companies take a scatter gun approach to marketing. They have the dollars to do television, radio and newspaper advertising despite knowing that only a relatively small percent of people viewing or hearing their ads are actually in their target market.

Small businesses need to be much more targeted and direct in their marketing efforts. Every piece of marketing material –  be it your website, a flyer, your email signature or poster – needs to speak strongly to your target audience. If you’re not too sure who your target audience is, it will be hard to connect with them.


  1. Make a list of who you think your target market is
  2. Make a list of the problems these people have
  3. Describe how you solve these problems

Now, whenever you go to a designer to create a marketing piece, you can give them the above and this will assist them greatly in delivering a design that speaks directly to your target audience.

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