Using your business blog to establish expertise

This is the second post in our series on the importance of blogs for business.

One of the most powerful ways that a blog can give your business a boost is by using it to establish yourself as an expert on a particular subject.

This is an effective tactic for a number of reasons:

1. Win the trust of prospective clients


By writing blog posts that showcase the breadth and depth of your knowledge, you reassure prospective customers that your business is legitimate – and that you have the expertise and background to deliver on your promises.

Blogs also allow you to show your personality and make a personal connection with your readers. This illustrates that you are not just a faceless corporate entity and is a powerful tool for attracting new customers – to get them to “take the leap” and purchase a product or service from you.

2. Leveraging existing customers

Writing blog posts is also a great way to keep in touch with current customers.

Each time you publish a blog post, you are reminding them about the particular expertise you possess. PLUS useful, insightful articles are the kind that they are likely to share with friends and family, bringing you a steady stream of new prospects.

3. Attracting media attention

As your blog grows and more and more people notice what you have to say, you may also attract the attention of the media.

Journalists are always looking for experts that they can interview. Fellow bloggers are always looking for insightful articles that they can link to.

This can lead to you being mentioned in widely read publications. This free publicity can grow your customer base at a rapid rate.

The final word

So is blogging to establish expertise for everyone? No. There are a few criteria you need to meet, before you become the “voice” of your company:

  • You need to actually be an expert. Don’t discuss a subject you don’t have exceptional knowledge in. This will damage your reputation rather than build it.
  • You need to commit to regular posts. Most of the attention you gain will be lost over time if you don’t keep it up. Regular doesn’t have to mean once a day, but it does mean at least once a week.
  • You need to be a very good writer, or be willing to hire someone to edit or ghostwrite your posts. Rambling or error-filled posts will not enhance your business. Freelance editors are easy to find.
  • You need to keep things professional. If you can’t resist criticizing competitors or sharing your personal problems, you probably shouldn’t be posting on your company blog.

Stay tuned for our next post in this series, where we tackle the fine art of link-baiting.


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