Want some attention? Bring in the blog!

As we continue in our series on the importance of business blogs, we wanted to touch on a kind of post that is sometimes referred to as “link bait”.


The idea behind a post of this type is to say something so:

  • interesting,
  • controversial or
  • useful

that people will feel compelled to link to it/share it with their friends/colleagues.

What is so important about links?

Links are great for two reasons:

  1. they help raise your rankings in the search engines and
  2. they bring a steady flow of new visitors to your website.

Here are some ideas to help you come up with highly linkable posts for your company blog.

Remember to do a Google search on a topic before you select it, to see what else has been written about it – the more unique your post is, the more traffic it will generate.

  • Cover something controversial in your industry. Often the best tactic here is to summarise both sides of an issue and give some insight, without actually taking a side. If you do give an opinion, be prepared to defend it! Remember, we’re talking about a business blog here … if you decide to polarize people, first consider if this is in line with your branding.
  • Create a controversy. If you disagree with something someone famous in your industry has said, say so. Start a debate (but be sure to keep the tone reasoned and professional).
  • Make a “top ten” list that people will find handy. Lists like checklists, “best of” lists, and “worst of” lists are great topics that people enjoy sharing.
  • Use your connections. Do you have a friend or family member who is famous? Publish an interview with them on a topic related to your industry. For instance, if you own a travel company, ask your famous uncle about his favorite vacations.
  • Sponsor a charity event and tell everyone why you are passionate about this particular charity. Encourage others to pass the word along.
  • Take a survey or poll of your clients or fellow industry professionals on a “hot” topic and publish the results.
  • Report a newsworthy item first. Do you have the inside scoop on some news that those who follow your industry will find interesting? Drop everything and report it immediately.
  • Say something funny. Have you had funny experiences in the course of your job? Strange clients? Embarrassing mishaps? If you have a knack for telling funny stories, be sure to relate them on your blog as well.

We hope this has helped you make a list of good topics for your next blog post. Stay tuned for our next post on how to make money on your blog.


2 thoughts on “Want some attention? Bring in the blog!”

  1. I think if you’re going to link bait, the greatest tool you have are social bookmarking communities like Stumble Upon or Digg. As a Content Writer, I have found Stumble Upon in particular to be the biggest ally of link baiting articles. If you create something great, then give it the thumbs up and then ask your Twitter/FB/LinkedIn/Digg/Stumble/Reddit communities to also “Thumbs Up” it, a good, worthy link bait site will start rolling on its own in no time. Tens of thousands of visitors, all passing it on! It’s especially great if you have the right share widgets right there to make its spread even quicker.

    1. Thanks for this Dana, while I am aware of Stumble Upon … I’ve never really had a chance to fully investigate and use it. It’s so hard to keep on top of all these available platforms!

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