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Here’s an easy one to start the Website Audit Series. As a bonus, it combines a bit of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well. We’re going to do an audit on your website page titles.

Where do I find my website’s page title?

You find the page title for your website at the top of the browser window when you are in Internet Explorer or Firefox

Why is my page title important?

Your page title is important for two main reasons:

  1. It’s the first thing someone sees when they find you in a search engine listing
  2. Search engines accord it high importance when ranking you in their search listings
Your page title is important because it heads up your listing in search engine results

What should I do with my page title to make my website more appealing?

There are two entities you want to appeal to when it comes to your page title:

1. The searcher

The searcher is looking for something specific. If someone is looking for small business graphic design in Perth and they see our listing in Google, they immediately know they should visit our site to find out more.

2. The search engine

When the search engine is cataloguing sites, and deciding where the Swish Design site should sit in the results listing for “graphic design perth”, the fact that all three of these words appear in our home page page title helps us greatly in achieving a page one ranking. It’s not everything – but it helps. Way back when we had our very first website, our page title was “Swish Design”. Very helpful if someone did a search for “Swish Design” but not very helpful if someone was searching for “graphic design” or “website design” which are the two main services we offer.


  1. Write a unique page title for every page on your website
    • Every single page on your website should have a different page title.
    • Each page title should reflect the information on a given page.
    • It is recommended that page titles be no longer than 65 characters.
    • Your page title should include your business name at either the beginning or the end.
    • Your page title should include the keywords your customers would be using to find you on the web
  2. Give your new page titles to the person who created your website and get them to change the page titles on your website. It shouldn’t take them more than an hour.

Want to read more?

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