What could you learn from a website audit?


If you read my post earlier this week, you will know that we recently decided to audit our website.

The current incarnation of the Swish Design site is about 18 months old so it was a good time to go back and review things as so much can change in the online world in 18 months. Plus we’ve all heard of the painter whose house is desperate for a lick of paint … we didn’t want to be the web designer equivalent!

So what did we learn from our audit?

1.Our blog is working very hard for us from an SEO point of view

In case you missed this post I will give you a key stat regarding our ranking for ‘Website Design Perth’:

  • 6 weeks ago:  We were nowhere (page 7 of Google results) for ‘Website Design Perth’
  • 2 weeks ago: We were #7 on the first page of Google results for ‘Website Design Perth’
  • Today: We are #4 on the first page of Google results for ‘Website Design Perth’

Why? It’s because of our blog. I will post in more detail about this later this week.

2. Hardly anyone is reading all the amazing content we have on the site

Far and away the most common path followed on the site (with regard to pages visited) was either:

  • Home > Pricing > Contact   OR
  • Home > Contact

Which indicated to us that many people were coming to us via referral from someone else (thus were only interested in checking our website supported the recommendation they’d received before they contacted us!)

3. There is waaaaaaay too much information on our website at the moment

This is not surprising as we have added and added and added to it fairly constantly over the course of the last 18 months. And while it’s nice to have all that information on the site, if no-one is really reading it, then we need to re-organise it in a way that makes it easier to read … or trim the information back a bit. Or both 🙂

4. The design could do with an update

Things have always changed rapidly when it comes to web design and in the last 18 months websites have gotten wider and white space is starting to feature a lot more (which makes us clap our little graphic designer hands with glee – we LOVE white space!) Responsive design is also a lot more important now because so many people are viewing websites on their phones and iPads. So it’s probably time for a total re-design.

That’s what we learned … what could you learn?

When our new Client Manager Dean started with us, the first thing we got him to do was go through our website with a fresh set of eyes, approaching it from the point of view of a potential client (rather than a staff member). And for the most part, the user experience was sound barring some broken links here and there.

It was only once we were fairly certain the user experience was sound that we dug deeper into our Google Analytics to discover the things I mentioned above.

So the first thing I would suggest doing is getting someone with fresh eyes to go onto your website, pretend they are a potential customer and browse around. You might be surprised at the simple things they pick up – simple things with easy fixes that might mean a better user experience and a higher conversion rate for you.

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