Is your website design making this million-dollar mistake?

Website design mistake

“If you have a bad website that doesn’t communicate value, you won’t sell products or services.”

Neil Patel, one of the top online marketers in the world said this.

And he wasn’t making that comment from noticing other people making this mistake. He made the mistake himself. To the tune of more than one million dollars.

Is your website making this mistake?

To decide, you must first understand, what does he even mean by ‘communicate value’?

Well, all of us who own businesses are trying to sell something.

There’s no escaping that.

(If we’re not selling something, we don’t have a business!)

James Schramko says selling is simply taking people from their current situation, to a better situation.

When you know what:

  • Their current situation is, and
  • The better situation you are moving them to.

You can communicate your value.

When you can communicate value to the visitors of your website, you’ll stop making the million-dollar mistake Neil Patel was making.

Where most people go wrong

There are many value proposition templates out there.

I know this because I’ve tried them all.

Unfortunately, they all fall down in the same place – the business owner is the one brainstorming; trying to figure out the value they provide to their clients.

With great respect, you – the person who’s so deep in the business you can barely see the sky – are the worst person to figure this out.

Who’s best placed to indicate the value you provide?

Your existing clients of course.

You just need to ask them one simple question:

“How do we make your life better?”

That’s it.

If you’re doing a good job for your clients/customers, they’ll give you the words to use.

Once you’ve got those words, it’s a matter of arranging them into a single line:

We help _______ do ________.

Some examples

On my personal blog I say: “I help compulsive strivers lead a less frantic life.’

Kelly Exeter


On the site that sells my editing services I ask the site visitor to: “Imagine if everything you wrote was markedly better.” (And now that I am writing this post, I think I’m going to change that to “Imagine if everything you wrote was measurably better.”)

Level Up Your Writing with Kelly Exeter


On the site for my Straight and Curly podcast, we’re very clear it’s, “A podcast for self-improvement junkies.”

Straight and Curly


On the Swish Design website, we recently changed our value proposition to reflect that we’ve been “Making website and logo design projects pain-free for Perth businesses since 2006.”

Swish Design


Our financial advisers state on their home page that they, “Provide financial peace-of-mind to the time-poor professional.”

Paradigm Strategic Planning


The ever-brilliant Bernadette Jiwa makes it very clear that she: “Helps companies, big and small, succeed by building story-driven brands.”

Bernadette Jiwa


James Rose, solver of one of the biggest problems for website designers the world over, states this on his Content Snare site: “Get website content from your clients without the hassle.”

Content Snare


The power of communicating value

When someone lands on your website, they want to know two things in the first couple of seconds:

  • Can this person/business help me?
  • If so, how can they help me?

If people are landing on your home page and then jumping away immediately, it might be time to take a good look at your value proposition. You could have the most beautiful website design in the world, but if it’s not communicating value to website visitors, it’s never going to convert those visitors into customers.

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  1. The way you write makes the concept more understandable. I never thought just asking “how can we make your life better?” can make such a big difference.

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