Website strategy, design & development

If you’re a business owner you’ll know trust is one of the most valuable commodities in business. What allows you to build trust instantly?

Great design.

That’s why we specialise in creating stunning websites you’re proud to send people to. Because those websites build trust straight out of the gate every time.

Whether you’re looking for a slick one-pager, a website with all the bells and whistles or an e-commerce solution that sells while you sleep, you’ve come to the right place. Our most popular website design package starts at $6,500. If your budget is slightly less, get in touch anyway. We may be able to tailor something to suit.

"We were so impressed with Swish Design's approach to web design. The whole team were approachable and ready to help at all stages of the process and the ‘after sales’ service has been an impressive feature of their involvement."

~ True Blue Dreaming

A small selection of our website design work

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  • Website strategy, design & development  Centacare
  • Website strategy, design & development  CFE
  • Website strategy, design & development Caladenia
  • Website strategy, design & development  Clough
  • Website strategy, design & development Dixon
  • Website strategy, design & development  ICCWA
  • Website strategy, design & development Melanoma
  • Website strategy, design & development Mortons
  • Website strategy, design & development  MSquared

"I have to say a special thank you to the team at Swish Design, for the transformation they have brought into my business this year! Their generosity, professionalism and kindness are qualities not regularly found together in one company!"

~ Malini Parker, Teacher & Artist

"Swish Design have been brilliant in delivering to blueChip a website that meets our needs and assists our ever expanding range of services and value. We can now reflect the gateway which we are to sporting events and the public."

~ BlueChip Timing

We've built hundreds of sites so we know the typical pitfalls of website design. Over the years we have refined our website design and build processes to endure that you get the best online solution in the quickest time frame possible.

1. Discovery

We gather information from you (via our briefing form and in-person meetings) about who you are, what you're about, what makes you different, who you want to reach and what you need your website to communicate.

2. Scoping

Based on what you’ve told us you need plus our own knowledge of how to best achieve your stated goals and brand objectives, we scope up your job. This step includes visualising the sites UX (user experience), wireframes that show how we believe the website needs to be structured, how pages will interact with each other and also gives an idea of the proposed user interface.

3. Consultation

We go over the website scope with you to ensure that all your design and functionality requirements have been met and that expectations are well-defined for both you and us.

4. Design

This is the stage where the website wireframes come to life. We are always aware that it’s not just good enough to design a beautiful website – your new website must inspire action and support your branding too. We consult with you closely throughout this state to ensure you absolutely love the look and feel of your website before proceeding to the next stage.

5. Build

Using the industry standard CMS platform WordPress, we then build a fully responsive website that incorporates both the beautiful designs we have created for you, and also all required functionality. This stage is exciting because at this point the website comes alive and is interactive.

6. Content Population

Once the site is built, we then insert your content (words and images) you provide. We are also available to assist with producing the content for your website if required.

7. User Testing

Once the site is designed and built, we work through it page by page and test that everything works exactly as expected.

8. Publication

Once you give us your final approval, we move your site from our development server to the live environment and your site is now live!

9. Training

Now that you have your shiny new website you’ll also teach you how to use it. We provide you with an hour of in-house training along with a comprehensive and customised user manual for your website.

10. Ongoing support

Our support doesn’t stop once the site goes live. While it’s not a compulsory part of our website design packages, we are able to provide you with a fully managed hosting and support plan to ensure your website is kept up to date, secure, and that important data is being tracked and reported on. We can advise how to best position your brand for the digital age. This will help you refine and tailor your website to get the most out of your online presence.

11. Here to help

It is always important to tweak and test better ways to do things as your site evolves based on user requirements and overall conversion rates. Taking advantage of our ongoing support makes this an easy process and ensures that getting advice and support from the experts is only a call or email away.