Which logo should I choose?

Choosing a logo design can be a tricky little thing and more often than not, a business owner will choose the one they like the most (HIGHLY subjective) without taking into account any other variables.

I know you all love a good real life example of something so today I am thrilled to be able to show this process in real life.

Kylah at Zest e-Biz is doing a re-brand of her business and Liv Strawbridge has been working on a new logo design for her. Liv’s three concepts are all strong and Kylah now has option anxiety. Should she just pick the one she is most drawn to herself … or should she take other factors into account? Let’s see shall we?!


Logo 1 is the one that, personally, I am least strongly drawn to. But does this make it a ‘bad’ logo. Of course not. Like/dislike is purely subjective which is why we need to consider other things first.

(This is also why showing logo designs to 30 of your best friends and choosing one based on the most popular is a flawed way of going about things!)

Ok, back to Logo 1. Kylah likes the fact that of the three ‘symbols’ it is the most original. It combines the concept of the ‘Z’, a puzzle piece (because that is what Kylah does for her clients, big picture thinking to piece together the puzzle of business) and a person (because that’s who Kylah works with … people!). And I agree that what Liv has done here is really clever.


Logo 2 is perhaps the one I like most for what Kylah is trying to convey. While some people might think the link between the citrus fruit and the word ‘Zest’ in the business name is too obvious and thus a bit trite, I have zero problem with being a bit obvious when it comes to the symbol you use in logos. It actually helps a lot when it comes to ensuring your logo is easy to remember.

In this situation the visual device of the citrus fruit really cements the word ‘Zest’ in my mind and that can only be a good thing. I also like the single segment of fruit breaking out of the circle as it is reminiscent of the ‘puzzle’ concept Kylah specified in her brief. To me it is also subtly suggestive of the fact that Kylah is able to provide her clients with out-of-the-box thinking.


Logo 3 is the one I am most drawn to on a purely subjective level because it is so dynamic and I think it beautifully reflects Kylah’s dynamic personality.

However, I would prefer the green to be in the lime green of the previous two logos as I don’t think the link between the dark green and the ‘Zest’ business name is strong enough. Again, the whole ‘Z’ thing might seem a bit obvious, but to offset this Liv has been clever in making it resemble the skin of a citrus fruit that has been peeled or zested off.


So now it’s over to you guys. I’d love you to share in the comments:

  1. Which logo you are drawn to on a purely subjective level AND
  2. Which logo you think Kylah should go with based on my thoughts above.

I’d love to see if (like me) you choose a different logo for a and b 🙂



19 thoughts on “Which logo should I choose?”

  1. I like Logo 2. While the citrus fruit may be obvious to some, to me it’s clever and memorable. I also like how one segment is breaking out and the colour is also great.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Liv is clearly a very talented lady!
    OK, here’s my thoughts – I think the symbol of Logo 3 is the strongest. Very clever. Looks like peel. However, I prefer the green(s) used in Logo 2 – they feel warmer? Finally (and personally), I’d make more of the symbol and less of the text (i.e. change the sizing ratio), so that Kylah’s clients begin to associate the symbol with the business without an over reliance on the words – just makes the symbol more versatile going forward, IMO.
    Great work, Liv!

  3. Tessa : Down that Little Lane

    Logo 2 for me, yes it is obvious but it is fresh and the symbol will remind me of the brand name x

    1. Lots of people (all the twitter replies) have liked #2 the best which I think shows that while the business owner might think ‘ugh, too obvious’ … the consumer might like obvious! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Tessa 🙂

  4. I’m most drawn to the dynamic option 2. But I really like the puzzle in option 1. Whether people will “get” that connection through the logo is doubtful, so my final decision is number 2. I kind of sound like an X Factor judge… 🙂

    1. Haha! I love your analogy to an X Factor judge Karen 🙂

      Thanks for your comments. I think that is my downfall across a few things, trying to make things too tricky and complicated when I should just remember the KISS principle!

  5. It all comes down to who she is ultimately marketing to.
    If it’s a more male client base – the Z’s would attract attention, but if it’s female – the segmented citrus will get them in everytime. It’s softer, brighter, more appealing.

    1. Good point Marina. Although I was just thinking is that what we think a male client base will be drawn to, rather than what they actually think. I’m not sure if you have experience with working with a male client base and that where you’re comment came from?

      I’ve found this exercise a huge eye-opener seeing people’s desire for something really simple and obvious. Not what I would have thought at all. It’s interesting that two guys below have commented one each way for preference of #2 & #3. The psychology of marketing is fascinating!

  6. For me it is either #2 or #3. And I think 3 is just ahead of 2! Everyone seems to strongly favour #2, but I think 3 has great potential which could be achieved if the font or writing style of the business name was played around with. (was there a request for this specific font? Because it is the same with each logo). I didn’t notice it as the peel of the fruit. It looked like a ribbon to me, but the subtle ‘Z’ is clever. I also prefer the more ‘open’ style of the logo compared to the tighter or neater style of 1 & 2. I would see what a lower case z looked like for a start, and conveniently there is a z at the begining and the end of the name! You could do loads with that I think…
    Is this more of a male’s perspective? Maybe it is!

    1. Thanks for your ‘male perspective’ William! The font size was chosen because it worked best with the hyphen apparently. I’ll pass on your comments to Liv about the size and style of the writing, but I’m thinking #2 is the clean winner of the day.

  7. Subjectively, I love Logo 2… Way more than the other two…

    Having read your thoughts on each, I’d still pick Logo 2 – as you say, it looks Zesty, and will be easy to recognise…

    Logo 2 is my vote.

  8. Yep, I’m with No. 2…I like the freshness of it – colour and simplistic design…yes it’s ‘obvious’ but it links with the name perfectly and makes it easy to associate and therefore remember :)…awesome work team!

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