Why are my competitors making life so easy for me?


“So happy to hear from you! I contacted about 4 developers/designers to assist me over the past couple of weeks and not one has got back to me, very frustrating.”

You would not believe how often I get an email like this one I got last week. And you know what? It should make me happy right? Happy that all Swish Design needs to do to differentiate ourselves from other web designers is simply answer email enquiries in a timely fashion. But it doesn’t make me happy. It frustrates me that my industry is setting the bar so low.

It’s a bit like the building industry isn’t it? I have heard exactly two people ever say my builder was awesome – they got everything done on schedule with the minimum of fuss. It seems if you are going to build a house (as Anthony and I are about to do for the second time) then you are accepting it is going to be a long and stressful process full of frustration and angst.

Or like the hospitality industry here in Perth. Service levels at restaurants and cafes have gotten so bad that when you go out for dinner and receive what should be the standard level of attentiveness and you know, hospitality, you comment on it. In fact you probably gush about it: wow that place was great! Such good service.

So what’s the call to action here today?

Well, while it’s tempting for me to be delighted at how easy it is for us to set ourselves apart from our competitors, I’d rather be pushed to set our bar higher. I’d rather be pushed to have better systems in place to make things easy for our clients. I’d rather be pushed to communicate better at all stages of the process. I’d rather push my design team to find new boundaries between aesthetic delight and amazing user interfaces.

So come on fellow web designers – lift your game. Let’s all race to the top together.

Do you operate in an industry where the bar has been set so low your competitors are making life easy for you? Would you rather things stayed that way?! Share your thoughts in the comments.


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8 thoughts on “Why are my competitors making life so easy for me?”

  1. I think you push yourselves quite hard enough … and that’s why everyone I know speaks so highly of your services 🙂 I loved what you did for my site at Lifestyle Fifty and it was on time, on budget and inventive too. Keep on doing what you do!

  2. How funny you should post this today. I am feeling exactly the same as that poor customer. I’ve contacted two businesses via their website contact forms, I’ve had no response from one in 48hrs, and no response from the other in almost a week, after a follow up contact, too! Why, why, why give people the option to contact you that way if you’re not going to respond? If you only pick up the phone, then give me a jolly phone number, too. That would help. Grrrr!

  3. So true Kelly! Sad…. but true.

    The thing that I find interesting is the companies that contact me to help them with sales and customer focussed training, are ones who GET it.

    The others, like who you have illustrated…. don’t get it.

    And when they close their doors, they will still be blaming everyone else for the demise of their business.

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